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QSpeech is a Speech Recognition and Analysis platform that unlocks information in audio.


Audio can now be transcribed automatically and made searchable.

QSpeech enables search terms to be located in both the recording and in a computer-generated transcript.


QSpeech generates keyword summaries of recordings. These keywords represent the terms that best characterise a single recording in the context of a group of recordings.


QSpeech extracts rich metadata in order to enable recordings to be segmented, filtered and connected to related materials.



Save considerable time transcribing and searching audio.


Make audio content accessible and discoverable to search engines with the transcripts and keywords that QSpeech generates automatically.

Key Features


Speech Recognition

QSpeech enables recorded speech to be transcribed automatically.

The mention of each word within a recording can be pinpointed and replayed because the transcripts are also aligned to the audio.

Domain Adaptation

QSpeech can be tailored to a particular use-case and domain by incorporating specialised vocabulary and accounting for recording conditions.


RESTful web API's are provided for all of Quorate's functionality, thereby enabling easy integration with existing content management systems.


Quorate Technology Limited is a spin-out from The University of Edinburgh’s world-leading Centre for Speech Technology Research.

The company was founded in 2012 by a team of highly qualified experts in speech recognition, natural language processing and software engineering.

Quorate Technology Limited continues to collaborate very closely with the Centre for Speech Technology Research. This powerful relationship ensures that the company is ideally placed to benefit from the latest advances in automatic speech recognition and natural language processing.

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